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Catherine Bourgain is a geneticist and research director at Inserm.
She is also the head of the Cermes3.

Her research has long focused on the development of statistical analysis of the genetic component of multifactorial diseases in humans. The study of complex diseases in human populations (geographically or culturally isolated) and the development of ad hoc statistical methods was the main thrust of her work.
She then trained in methodological approaches to the measurement of subjectivity in healthcare, then applied them to the evaluation of risks and benefits associated with the consumption of addictive products.

In 2012, she joined the Cermes3, where she works on high-throughput technologies in the context of the development of personalized medicine. She studies both the new research practices and the clinical practices that these technologies are helping to bring about, as well as the problems they pose for current regulations on genetic testing.*/authIdHal_s/catherine-bourgain

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