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Solenne Carof is a senior lecturer in sociology at Sorbonne University. Her research focuses on two main themes: the sociology of health and the sociology of the body.
For several years, she worked on the experiences of "overweight" and "obese" people in France, Germany and the UK, focusing not only on stigmatization and discrimination, but also on their relationship with the body, food and health.
Her subsequent work focused on access to early clinical trials for children and adolescents affected by advanced cancers. The aim of this project was to highlight the consequences of the development of precision medicine on the care of children, and its implications for families in terms of difficulties of access, but also the transformation of professional practices in this context of evolution of the field of pediatric oncology.

She is currently working on two lines of research:
-A first research project focuses on the Europeanization of pediatric oncology care. This project looks at how the various players in the field (doctors, researchers, parents' associations, parliamentarians) have put this issue on the European agenda over the last twenty years.
 -The second research project is part of TraGenInnov, and looks at how genomics is reconfiguring not only patient care pathways, but also the practices of healthcare professionals. In particular, this project addresses the notion of lay expertise, as well as issues of equal or unequal access to care.

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