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Marie Mathieu is a sociologist and post-doctoral researcher at the IRISSO. She has studied contemporary experiences of abortion in Quebec and France, extending her work by documenting the invisible abortive work carried out by women and the social inequalities involved in voluntary termination of pregnancy after the French legal deadline.
Her current research focuses on experiences of illnesses associated with pesticide contamination in Guadeloupe and Martinique (including prostate cancer), and the work of patients and, more broadly, Guadeloupeans and Martinicans (preventive practices and mobilizations) linked to their exposure to this type of pollutant - including chlordecone.

Following on from an INCa research project on the routinization of genomics in cancer care (particularly breast and ovarian cancers and chronic myeloid leukemia), she is taking part to TraGenInnov in a project looking at the impact of genetic technologies on patients' experiences of disease and their work with their families and associations.

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